Bitcoin (BTC) Stays Above $7k Despite a Marginal Shrink

Bitcoin price has been shrunk by 1.19% over the last 24 hours. Despite market-wide pressure, the coin has managed to trade above $7000 mark and as per the current momentum, it may further gain in the short-term.

In the last week, after registering a huge spike on April 16, BTC managed to trade above $7000 mark and continued to trade with upside momentum.

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Bitcoin (BTC) News

Yesterday, Bitcoin started trading from $7274.94, and in the first 6 hours, the price was tapered off by 2.18% and fell to $7116.48. From this, the coin continued to trade downwards and marked another 1.47% of the decline, and it forced the coin to lose $105 by 14:05 UTC. From this low, Bitcoin price managed to trade upwards and recovered moderately. Between 14:05 & 02:55 UTC today, BTC price showed positive signs and added $124.33 to reached $7196.

Bitcoin’s current price at $7187.85 holds support from its 20 days MA ($7182.89) and 50 days MA ($7184.85). As per the present momentum of the BTC price, traders may expect the value to go further up and reach the next resistance point at $7257 in the next few hours.

Support & Resistance Levels

R1- $7257.61, R2- $7325.8, R3- $7371.08

S1- $7144.14, S2- $7098.86, S3- $7030.67

Bitcoin (BTC) Regains $7,000 After Registering Steep Hike

Bitcoin price movement spiked hope among the traders as the coin climbed above $7,100. However, as per the current t movement, the coin might trade downwards as it faces pullback pressure.

If the BTC price falls weak and drops below the resistance level, then the downside momentum might take over the coin. However, the chances of the same are scarce. 

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

After hitting $6600 mark on April 13, Bitcoin price trades moderately bullish, but since yesterday, it reflects declining movement. The currency started dealing at $6,824 on yesterday’s chart. The price escalated to $6,929 over the next 4 hours. Then, the coin marked a nominal decline to $6,853 at 10:50 UTC. However, the downside momentum strengthened, and at 12:30 UTC, the BTC price touched $6,709. Then, the currency hovered around the same level till 18:00 UTC.

After that, the Bitcoin price dropped to $6,586 by 2.74% fall. The day-long movement reflected 3.48% regression. Today, BTC started trading with a marginal decline to $6,521, but immediately recovered to $6,655 by 2.18% hike. Then, the coin locked its price around the same level till 06:00 UTC. Thereafter, it started strong recovery, and at 07:18 UTC, the price touched $6,990. Later, with a slight plunge to $6,912, the BTC price again escalated, and this time it reached $7,169.

Recently, Bitcoin is facing pullback pressure as it has dropped to $7,011. Currently, the coin is trending below the moving averages, namely, 20 & 50-day MAs, which are at $7,036 and $7027, respectively. And hence, the impending period could reflect regression. The MACD chart is also reflecting a bearish crossover as the signal line has intersected the MACD line.  

Bitcoin (BTC) Drifts Away from the Revival Process; Goes down $6700

Bitcoin’s price has also moved away from the market recovery. Its value has been down $6700 after a 2.86% pull down. This trend may confine it to $6500 soon.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

BTC price has been over $7000 mark for a considerable period of time and showing signs of struggle since April 10. Throughout this period, investors have been witnessing considerable price swings as well.

Bitcoin was at $6886.97 at the starting of the day and over the initial 17 hours; it managed an upsurge of 4.55% and got to $7200. It was followed by an 8.93% price correction that cost $643 and pulled the price of BTC down to $6555. Further, the currency reflected moderate recovery, and between 00:31 & 03:24 UTC, Bitcoin value got beefed up by 2.44% and touched $6715. The current price at $6689.64 is below both its 20 days MA and 50 days MA. Its RSI is still below 45 points and is also tilted towards the oversold region. The next halting point for BTC is likely to come at the support point of $6500.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Fails to Cross $7.5k; Dips Below $7k Today

Bitcoin price continues to trade under the strong bearish hold after hitting a $7400 mark recently. The price fluctuations for the past three months have seen the price mostly being in the upper range, with the price moving between $4814 – $10281, indicating that the currency is in no mood to let the bears get away.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

Since the beginning of this year, the king of the cryptocurrency, BTC, traded with tremendous volatility. During the first week of January, the coin marked slow and steady upside movement. On January 13, Bitcoin price was trading at $8165.19. From this price point, it continued to trade upwards, and it reached a high of $10281.22 on February 11, showing a rise of 25.52%. After hitting the $10k mark, the currency faced downside correction, which took the price to $4814.82 on March 12 by a massive 52.70% decline. Still, Bitcoin managed to recover its value and on March 20, when it rallied upwards to $6578.18, showing a rise of a good 37.96%.

Further, it again faced rejection, and on March 23, BTC price went down to $5952.99, the fall is at 9.50%. Then, the currency has initiated recovery amidst moderate volatility, and it managed to rally upwards at $7267.99 yesterday, showing a rise of 22.08%. Today, the price of Bitcoin faced a sharp decline that has taken the price to $6916 at the time of writing this analysis. And as per the current movement, the coin might trade even below its crucial support $6500 before making any positive movement.

Investors should hold on to their investments only from a long-term perspective as Bitcoin has great future potential. Day traders can continue to make quick gains even under current crypto market volatile conditions.

Bitcoin (BTC) Reflects Sharp Bullish Move After Hitting $7.1k

The past week has seen the Bitcoin price moving stupendously in the upward range, even under the continual bearish influence. The coin has been moving in the range between $6680 – $7402 over this period. Yesterday, BTC faced steep fall, and as per its movement, it was likely to fall around $7k, but today, it recovers tremendously and regains $7.3k price mark.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

BTC/USD has shown a tremendous upward momentum over the past week, even under a strong bearish outlook. The coin was at $7007.06 on April 03. With the ongoing bearish volatility, the price of Bitcoin went on a downward swing to $6679.56 on the same day, showing a fall of 4.52%. On the next day, the coin marked moderate recovery and traded to $6873.88 by 3.01% hike. However, the currency again faced bearish hold and went down to $6736.33 on April 05.

Further, from this low, Bitcoin took an upward swing and reached a high of $7402.25 yesterday, showing a price rally to the extent of 9.95%. However, at this high, BTC faced rejection and traded downwards and fell to $7153.35. Then, again it marked a steep hike and traded in the upward direction and reached $7353.27 today.

BTC price has shown its mettle even under ongoing volatility. Analysts have always banked on the capability of this coin to deliver great returns and consider it the best bet for the long haul. Investors can continue to hold on to their investments from a long-term perspective.

Bitcoin (BTC) Exhibits Bullish Move & Breaches $7,100

Bitcoin is the resounding leader of the cryptocurrencies. The movement in the coin laid a vital impact on the coins. Recently, BTC is spotted booking colossal improvement, and the same is likely to bring the rally soon. The intraday trading would bring massive returns to the traders. The coming period also looks good for Bitcoin, and thus the investment wouldn’t end up futile.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

Since the beginning of this month, Bitcoin trades with moderate upside momentum. Yesterday, the currency started dealing at $6,909, and within the next 4 hours, the price dribbled to $6,780 by 1.87% fall. With a spike at $6,840, the coin was spotted, locking its price level around $6,700 for almost 10 hours. At 17:17 UTC, BTC price plunged to $6,701. Then in the next 1 hour and 51 minutes, the price improved to $6,810 by 1.62%. Later, the price slipped to $6,735 by 1.16%. The closing hour of the day took the Bitcoin price to $6,792. The intraday movement reflected 1.74% regression.

Today, BTC started the day with an escalation of 1.17%. The price moved from $6,792 to $6,871. The coin locked at the same level before escalating. At 03:00 UTC, the coin marked a sharp upward move, and thus at 10:36 UTC, the Bitcoin price was at $7,160 by a 4.78% surge. At the time of writing BTC analysis, the price was trading at $7,124 and violated the immediate resistance level at $6,877 and the next resistance level at $6,964 and major resistance level at $7,045.

Bitcoin Remains Above $6700; the Next Swing May Push it to $7000

Amidst daily price fluctuations, Bitcoin has managed to stay above $6700 for the last few days. Over the last 24 hours, it has been up by a mere 0.51%, and the current value stands at $6764.

BTC has begun this month around $6400 but it faced regressive trend and on the same day, it hit $6200 mark. Then, Bitcoin price escalated with tremendous pace and yesterday it has breached $7267. However, after that, it faced steep fall and currently, the coin is trading around $6700 price mark.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

Yesterday, BTC price was at $6730.39 at the starting of the day, and it lost 2.01% by 05:26 UTC and touched the lowest point of the day around $6595.01. It was followed by a steady upside movement and gained 10.20% by 17:04 UTC that added $672.47 and pushed the Bitcoin value to $7267.47, the highest point of the day. However, it couldn’t manage to stay there for long and started trading downwards.

Over the next three and a half hours, the currency went through a steep fall and reached $6688.46. From this low, in the next 2 hours, Bitcoin managed to get a hike of 2.54% value and moved to $6858. At the time of writing this analysis, the coin was trading at a similar range around $6764.

Bitcoin is currently trending above its 20 days MA (6754.24 USD), and its 50 days MA is now at $6766.08. Its RSI is now around 54.61 points. It shows that the possibility of upside trading is ripe and BTC price may cross its immediate resistance around $6.9k soon. We predict a short-term bullish spree for the coin. Investors may find the next resistance around $7055.

Bitcoin News Analysis: BTC Faced Rejection Above $6.5k Overnight

Bitcoin price continues in its pursuit of heavy volatility since the beginning of the year. The past one week has given reason for the community to cheer as the price has traded above $6.6k for the first 3 days, and then, it faced a sharp decline, but later, BTC managed to stay above $6.3k for the most of latter days. Today, the currency marked a steep fall, and the price touched $6.2k mark but later reflected a slight recovery. Over the last 24 hours, BTC price fluctuations have been in the range of $6270 – $6521

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

Yesterday, Bitcoin’s price has kept its moderate trend intact for the most part of the day and traded around $6400. The price was at $6521.39 at 2:00 UTC, and from this high, the currency faced a price drop of 1.88%, and it touched $6398. BTC continued to fight the bear pressure and managed to reach a high of $6495.74 over the next 4 hours.

Further, at 12:19 UTC, Bitcoin reflected a sharp upward move, and then, the coin reached $6502, but at this high, it faced rejection and fell to $6448 in the next 3 hours. With the continual bear pressure, the price of BTC has fallen even below $6275 today, but it recovered immediately to $6373.

Bitcoin has always led the price momentum in the crypto market. The bears did not spare even its price, but the coin has still managed to hold its ground against the strong bearish pressure at regular intervals.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Retest Key Support at $6.2k

If we look at the weekly price trend of Bitcoin, the price has been improved by 3% despite recent breakout. This growth has been achieved after the last few weeks of sluggish movements. BTC has, however, managed to stay above $6200 in most of the times in this period.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

The currency opened at $6095 on March 21, and over the next two days, it faced downside correction by 5.17% and tested its crucial support $5780. From this low, the coin marked a sharp upward move and registered a massive hike of 20.52% that added $1186 in the value and pushed BTC price to $6969 by March 25.

After hitting $6.9k, the currency faced steep fall but immediately recovered and traded above $6.7k. Then, it continued to trade in a similar range until the price faced massive downward correction today. Over the last three days, Bitcoin lost more than 10% value and got confined to $6254. Currently, BTC lacks having support from its short-term daily MAs. Its RSI figure stands around 35.72 points, and it also tilted towards the oversold region. After the recent price drop, Bitcoin price may trade even below further and retest its previous support level, $6032 and then $5800 in the upcoming hours.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Remains Above $6.7k Despite the Volatility

Bitcoin has been able to keep its head above $6700 despite the price fluctuations. Over the last week, BTC has shown positive signs amidst moderate volatility. As per the past week’s price trend, there may not be any significant growth mark in the upcoming few days.

Bitcoin Forecast

On March 24, Bitcoin price was trading above $6200 with bullish influence and continue to reflect moderate upside momentum till today. Yesterday, the currency started the day at $6742, and in the first 4 hours, its value got through a decline of 2.96% and got placed at $6542.96. It was followed by a 6.49% price hike that added $424.78 and pushed the price of Bitcoin to the highest point of the day around $6969 by 09:40 UTC.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

Further, BTC couldn’t retain its value at this high for long and started a price correction. By 11:41 UTC, it lost 6.76% value and got confined to $6500. Towards the closing of the day, BTC managed a marginal improvement. It got shot up by 4.25% by 04:04 UTC today, and it touched 6775 USD.

If we look at technical, Bitcoin’s current value at $6712.46 is trending below its daily SMA lines, namely, 20-day & 50-day with a marginal difference.

The RSI of BTC stands around 34.59 points and tilted towards the oversold region. However, it may reverse the trend in the upcoming days, as per the current momentum noticed. The next resistance seems imminent around $6870.07.