Bitcoin price continues in its pursuit of heavy volatility since the beginning of the year. The past one week has given reason for the community to cheer as the price has traded above $6.6k for the first 3 days, and then, it faced a sharp decline, but later, BTC managed to stay above $6.3k for the most of latter days. Today, the currency marked a steep fall, and the price touched $6.2k mark but later reflected a slight recovery. Over the last 24 hours, BTC price fluctuations have been in the range of $6270 – $6521

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Yesterday, Bitcoin’s price has kept its moderate trend intact for the most part of the day and traded around $6400. The price was at $6521.39 at 2:00 UTC, and from this high, the currency faced a price drop of 1.88%, and it touched $6398. BTC continued to fight the bear pressure and managed to reach a high of $6495.74 over the next 4 hours.

Further, at 12:19 UTC, Bitcoin reflected a sharp upward move, and then, the coin reached $6502, but at this high, it faced rejection and fell to $6448 in the next 3 hours. With the continual bear pressure, the price of BTC has fallen even below $6275 today, but it recovered immediately to $6373.

Bitcoin has always led the price momentum in the crypto market. The bears did not spare even its price, but the coin has still managed to hold its ground against the strong bearish pressure at regular intervals.

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