Bitcoin has been able to keep its head above $6700 despite the price fluctuations. Over the last week, BTC has shown positive signs amidst moderate volatility. As per the past week’s price trend, there may not be any significant growth mark in the upcoming few days.

Bitcoin Forecast

On March 24, Bitcoin price was trading above $6200 with bullish influence and continue to reflect moderate upside momentum till today. Yesterday, the currency started the day at $6742, and in the first 4 hours, its value got through a decline of 2.96% and got placed at $6542.96. It was followed by a 6.49% price hike that added $424.78 and pushed the price of Bitcoin to the highest point of the day around $6969 by 09:40 UTC.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

Further, BTC couldn’t retain its value at this high for long and started a price correction. By 11:41 UTC, it lost 6.76% value and got confined to $6500. Towards the closing of the day, BTC managed a marginal improvement. It got shot up by 4.25% by 04:04 UTC today, and it touched 6775 USD.

If we look at technical, Bitcoin’s current value at $6712.46 is trending below its daily SMA lines, namely, 20-day & 50-day with a marginal difference.

The RSI of BTC stands around 34.59 points and tilted towards the oversold region. However, it may reverse the trend in the upcoming days, as per the current momentum noticed. The next resistance seems imminent around $6870.07.

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